SPIMUN Agenda 2019

Security Council

·        Keeping peace and ensuring security in the Arctic region

·        The situation in Syria


1st Committee (Human Rights)

·        Ensuring the right of citizens to access full and reliable information in mass media

·        Protection of employment rights of youth with special attention to minors


2nd Committee (Environmental & Cultural)

·        International cooperation in combating plastic pollution

·        Assessing the negative and positive role of pop culture in society


3rd Committee (Disarmament & International Security)

·        Preventing a crisis of arms control especially in regards to nuclear weapons

·        International regulation of armed UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly called 'drones')


4rd Committee (Political)

·        The role of mass media in peacebuilding, conflict prevention and management

·        Promoting ethical standards for the involvement of youth in politics and protests



·        Addressing the socio-economic impact of automation in manufacturing

·        The rise of protectionism and its influence on the world economy

·        Supporting startups as a mean for achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)


Special Conference devoted to the challenges of the Information Age

·        Protecting children from the dangers of the Internet

·        Ensuring the right for personal data protection, privacy, and the secrecy of correspondence in the Information Age

·        Countering the rising cyber security threats


Baltic Forum

·        Assessing the possible environmental impact of the Nord Stream 2 construction

·        Enhancing youth cooperation within the region

SPIMUN 2018 Agenda and Annotations

Security Council

·         Strengthening common efforts in order to achieve final victory over ISIS

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·         Prevention of accidental (nuclear) war

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·         Open agenda

1st committee (Human Rights)

·         The universal right of peoples to self-determination

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 ·         Developing  and sustaining the right of children to creative activity, sports, and cultural development

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 2nd committee (Environmental & Cultural)

·         Reducing the environmental impact of public ground transport in metropolitan areas

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         Protecting national cultures in the era of globalization and migration

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3rd committee (Disarmament & International Security)

·         Restricting the sale of weapons to individuals as means to combat acts of terrorism and armed assaults on civilian populations

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·         The use of cyber warfare: detection, monitoring, prevention, and response

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 4th committee (Political)

·         The issue of national self-determination with regards to growing separatism in Europe

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·         Strengthening the role of the UN in political settlement in conflict zones

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·         Managing the risks of cryptocurrency

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·         Bridging the gap between rich and poor within societies

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·         The impact of international sanctions on social and economic development

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Special Conference devoted to the Russian Revolution Centenary

·         Russian revolution: lessons for the 21st century

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·         Monuments to Communist revolutionary heroes: preserve or destroy?

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·         Rethinking foreign intervention and influence in revolutions

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Baltic Forum

·         The problem of the brain drain within the borders of the Baltic region

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·         Creating an international museum of underwater archaeology

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SPIMUN 2017 Agenda and Annotations

Security Council


·         Political settlement in Syria

Security Council - Political Settlement
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Security Council - Political settlement
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 ·         The question of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)

Security Council - The Question of ISIS.
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 1st Committee (Human Rights)

·         Protecting children in armed conflicts

·         The rights of women in family planning

2nd Committee (Environmental & Cultural)

·         Protection of national cultures in the epoch of globalization    

       Measures to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste

2nd Committee - Measures to Reduce the A
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3rd Committee (Disarmament & International Security)

·         Prevention of a global arms race

·         Countering radicalization and violent extremism among youth for the prevention of terrorism

3rd Committee - Countering radicalizatio
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 4th Committee (Political)

·         The need for détente in international relations

3rd Committee - The need for détente in
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 ·          The problem of growing far-right ideology in refugee-hosting countries

4th Committee - The problem of growing f
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·         Combating corruption as a step towards poverty reduction

ECOSOC - Combating corruption as a step
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·         Elaborating on means to regulate drug prices

ECOSOC - Elaborating on means to regulat
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·         Devising measures to prevent social orphanhood

ECOSOC - Devising Measures to Prevent So
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Special Conference devoted to the Year of Sustainable Tourism

·         Tourism as a way of overcoming stereotypes and reducing international tension

·         Ensuring tourists’ safety on local and global levels

·         Ways to promote and develop potentially attractive destinations


Baltic Forum


·         Additional measures to protect the Baltic Sea marine environment

Baltic Forum - Additional measures to pr
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Promotion and support of youth tourism in the Baltic States

SPIMUN 2016  Agenda and Annotations

Security Council

  • The Situation Regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
Security Council - The situation regardi
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  • Dealing with the Global Refugee Crisis
Security Council - Dealing with the glob
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  • Open Agenda

1st Committee (Human Rights)

  • Balancing Journalism Ethics and Freedom of Mass Media
1st Committee - Balancing journalism eth
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  • Ensuring the Right to Education for Young Refugees
1st Committee - Ensuring the right to ed
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2nd Committee (Environmental and Cultural)

  • Development of Ecotourism as a Form of Environmental Protection and Path to Eradicating Poverty
2nd Committee - Development of Ecotouris
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  • The Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Middle East
2nd Committee - The Preservation of Cult
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3rd Committee (Disarmament and Int. Security)

  • Comprehensive Strengthening of International Flight Safety
3rd Committee - Comprehensive strengthen
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  • Measures to Prevent Terrorists from Acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction
3rd Committee - Measures to Prevent Terr
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4th Committee (Political)

  • Increasing the Role of Youth in Political Decision-Making
4th Committee - Increasing the role of y
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  • The Response to the Mass Migration caused by Instability in the Middle East 
4th Committee - The Response to the Mass
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  • Assisting States which are Close to Economic Default
ECOSOC - Assisting states which are clos
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  • The Role of Education in Social and Cultural Integration of Migrant Children
ECOSOC - The role of education in social
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  • Promotion of Social Engagement of Elderly People
ECOSOC - Promotion of social engagement
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Special Conference devoted to 70th Anniversary of the UN

  • Improving the efficiency of the General Assembly
SpeCon - Improving the efficiency of the
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  • Reform of the Security Council
SpeCon - Reform of the Security Council.
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  • Realization of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
SpeCon - Realization of the UN agenda fo
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Baltic Forum

  • Protection of European Waters from Dangerous Heritage of the WWII
Baltic Forum - Protection of European wa
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  • Promotion of Sustainable Tourism for Poverty Eradication and Economical Development
Baltic Forum - Promotion of sustainable
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SPIMUN is one of the United Nations Models affiliated to The Hague International Model United Nations with the same rules of procedure. The structure of SPIMUN includes the Security Council, the General Assembly (4 Committees), the ECOSOC, the Special Conference, and the Baltic Forum. SPIMUN is designed for high school students (14 - 19 years old).