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This is a song for the present nations,
Admin Staff, Chairs and Delegations. 
I don't wonna be just a face in the crowd,
My resolution will pass, when I'll read it out loud. 

It's my life,
And it's now or never
SPIMUN's gonna last forever,
SPIMUN will exist while I'm alive. 
It's my life. 
Directors once have shown me this way,
Now I am scribbling speeches all day. 
SPIMUN will exist while I'm alive,
'Cause it's my life!

Loads of discussions and active debates,
Delegates are tired but no time to make breaks. 
Clever amendments going 'round my head,
Maybe someday I'll move the world ahead. 

Chorus (x3) 

SPIMUN anthem music+voice.wma
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Here we are, all together

Joined by the noble aim,

That is why

We are the friends forever,

That’s what we always feel

And what we always say

Refrain 1

You will keep on walking this way,

Friendship always prompts what to say

And to listen to every view

And this earth belongs to me and …you


Here we are all together

Let’s hold our hands,

And declare

No – to war! No – to terror!

Cause our mother is Earth

Cause we are faithful friends


Refrain 2

You will keep on walking this way,

Friendship always prompts what to say

And one moment you’ll turn and see

That we are together, you and me


Refrain 1

Refrain 2

Refrain 1



SPIMUN is one of the United Nations Models affiliated to The Hague International Model United Nations with the same rules of procedure. The structure of SPIMUN includes the Security Council, the General Assembly (4 Committees), the ECOSOC, the Special Conference, and the Baltic Forum. SPIMUN is designed for high school students (14 - 19 years old).